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Caddie Battery is more than a battery that powers your rangefinder. It’s a movement I’m requesting the golfing world to participate in. We’re on a mission to help improve the on-course experience for golfers and give back to the game I love so much.


A portion of each sale will go towards helping the US Disabled Golf Association and Youth on Course.

I want golf to have its own battery and for this battery to power more than rangefinders. I want it to add power to the game of golf. Join the movement to make Caddie Battery Golf’s Battery and help me spread the word!

Who should buy and why?


Let’s face it, golfers will always show up to the golf course needing something - balls, gloves, rain gear and rangefinder batteries! Make sure your pro-shop has what your members and guests need.  


It’s simple, buy a box and don’t worry about another rangefinder battery for a LONG time! Keep a few in your bag and be the hero who has an extra for that unprepared golfer in your group.   

Great for Caddies

Because it literally has your name on it and for the same reasons already mentioned! Also as a fan of golf, you should want to support anything that furthers the sport!

Professional Golfers

I hope this reaches you! Help me help the game of golf. Who will be the first PGA or LPGA pro to send their picture holding a Caddie Battery? Please join the movement! 


Created by a Golfer for Golfers

Caddie Battery is a battery created by a casual golfer, for golfers. My goal is for Caddie Battery to be the go-to battery for golf rangefinders. If you're a golfer, there's a great chance your rangefinder battery has died on you during your round and you didn't have a replacement.


Caddie Battery is the solution for that. I want to get Caddie Battery in courses all over the country, so the next time your rangefinder comes up blank, ask if they sell Caddie Battery!


Give back to the game of golf!

Purchase a 25 Pack


A portion of each sale will be donated to US Disabled Golf Association

Wahid Osmani

Founder & CEO

I hope you take a minute to read my story 

As an avid golfer, I'm turning my passion into a business. Follow me on my journey to play golf all over the country while working to grow Caddie Battery. I'm on a mission to make Caddie Battery the go-to battery for rangefinders one golf course, one golfer and one rangefinder at a time. In doing so, I will give back to golf by donating a portion of each sale to the US Disabled Golf Association. I'm excited to see where this road leads me and all the new people I will meet on this journey. To everyone who has supported Caddie Battery, thank you.! Anyone I get paired with who needs a CR2 battery will get one! 

"My goal is for all rangefinders to have a Caddie Battery powering them. In order to do that, I need support from the golf community. Help make Caddie Battery Golf’s Battery! Thank you and enjoy your rounds!"

The Caddie Battery Challenge!

Follow my journey on Instagram. You will see pictures of golfers holding a Caddie Battery. Help me create a wall of these pictures. Send me a picture of yourself and your group holding a Caddie Battery. I will post ALL of them! Let’s have some fun with this! 


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